“I want to do things differently” – 28 year old German Artist Tim Bengel transforms the art world with his urge to combine innovation and aesthetics. 


Since his first solo exhibition in New York (2017), Bengel’s work has been shown in major galleries and institutions throughout the world. He is widely known for his hyper-detailed gold-leaf embellished sand paintings as well as for his monumental public artwork ‘Flower Skull Cemetery’(2019), shown next to the Berlin Wall and Factory Berlin.


Stating: “It’s time to make art more approachable”, Bengel’s idea of filming short videos to deliver glimpses into his unique technique, opened new doors to present art in a way that is particularly well-suited for the digital age; these videos are not meant as ‘How to’-tutorials, they rather offer a viewing experience that culminates in a reveal climax. 


Due to his success on social media – where his videos receive up to 400 million views – Bengel increases openness in the field of arts and culture. Hisover half a million followers on Facebook and Instagram make him one of the most famous artists of his generation.

Tim Bengel was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1991. He studied art history and philosophy at the elite University of Tübingen. Bengel lives and works in Stuttgart and Berlin.

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